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Embrace Your Namaha Experience

Building better spiritual connections and transforming Hindu worship.

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How Namaha Transforms The Hindu Community

Namaha is transforming how devotees engage with Hindu temples and rituals by enriching every interaction. 
In addition to physically visiting a temple, you now have an additional way to participate in rites and rituals at your convenience, from your home. 
From discovering more about your faith to dedicating more time to your religious practice, you can connect spiritually anytime, anywhere. All you need is Namaha.

  • “We want to bridge the physical distance between Hindu temples and devotees. Digital engagement is similar to praying from outside of a temple when it is too crowded to enter. This is the same for our platform Namaha. We close the gap for followers seeking to connect with their faith, without losing intimacy or cultural significance.”
    Ted Aravinthan - Namaha
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Participate In Prayers And Rituals At Your Convenience

Unable to visit your temple for religious ceremonies? From puja rituals to joining in a prayer session, you can participate remotely through videos and live streams so you do not miss out. You can even book your prayers before your visit to the temple.

Virtual Visits To Temples

Are you curious about the temple of your interest as a new follower, or perhaps you are looking for a new temple for worship? Go on virtual tours to discover more.

Download Scriptures

Looking to deepen your faith through reading scriptures? Download selected verses and texts and read them at your own time.

Book And Reserve Facilities Online

Interested in reserving a facility in your temple? You can book and pay for the reservation online, instead of taking time out of your schedule to make a trip to the temple.

Get Updates On New Events

Check out the online events calendar of your temple for updates on the latest happenings, so you are always in the know. Get notifications that are relevant to your interests.

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I am interested! How do I sign up with Namaha?

Namaha is coming soon. Sign up below to be informed when we launch. 

Do I have to pay a subscription fee to join Namaha?

No, there is no subscription fee.

How do I know if the temple I frequent is listed on Namaha?

You will find all the temples listed on our website.

Do I require a mobile phone to sign up with Namaha?

You can use a mobile device or a PC.

How do I contribute to a religious ritual?

For monetary contributions, we accept payments such as credit card, debit card and Paypal.

Is Nahama a platform that is opened to other religions?

For now we are focusing on the Hindu community. Please stay in touch to be updated on our new projects.

I represent a Hindu temple. How can we work with Namaha?

Please contact us if you are interested to be listed on Namaha..

How secure is Namaha in terms of processing payments?

Your personal data will be protected on this app.